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I am a Certified Internal Family Systems Therapist, Intimacy from the Inside Out / IFS Couple's Therapist and a Certified Mindfulness Meditation TeacherI specialize in working with 30 and 40-somethings as they navigate the challenges that these two decades can bring—burn out, career stress, financial pressures, health issues, infertility, marital conflict, divorce recovery, balancing work and family, parenting trials, and general loneliness and exhaustion.  As a wife, mother, and therapist, I am constantly challenging myself to grow and develop so that I can then help my clients in their own quest for wholeness and health in their intimate relationships, families, and careers. 

In my 17 years in practice as a therapist, I have found it essential to balance the heaviness and heartbreak of life with humor and playfulness.  While at times my clients and I go to deep, dark emotional places, we also laugh, have fun, and drink tea together.  I have years of hope built up from watching people—myself included—overcome their biggest fears and release their heaviest burdens.  

I have been married for 17 years, held my sister's hand as she died of breast cancer, lost two pregnancies, gave birth to and am raising three sons without any family in town, and have been to the Emergency Room 12x with sick or injured children.  I am intimately acquainted with the working parent struggle of finding child care for pandemic days, snow days, sick days, teacher in-service days, early release days, Fall Break, Christmas Break, Spring Break, Summer Break, etc.  I know the exhaustion of balancing attuned, present and engaged parenting while also investing in my career, marriage, friendships, extended family and community.  The struggle is real.  I've learned to cultivate the practice of joy, presence, connection, and play in order to survive.


I enjoy playing and coaching soccer, permaculture gardening, walking my superhero dog, reading Atlantic articles, completing NYT crossword puzzles (I'll be honest--I can only do Monday and Tuesday), drinking dark roast coffee, watching NBA games with my boys, and I love to dance, even if it embarrasses my children.  I am not from St. Louis or Missouri / Illinois, so it will not help you to know where I went to high school.

"Having sought counseling services from several other sources, I found Kate's positive tone and progressive approach to be refreshing, but (more importantly) really effective in working through recurring bouts of depression and anxiety."


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