Short-term Therapy

Are you feeling work, marriage, parenting, or church fatigue?  Are you struggling with infertility issues and don't know where to turn?  Short-term therapy sessions may be the right choice for you.

Long-term Therapy

Research is constantly demonstrating that the brain is malleable, adaptive, resilient, and developing throughout the entire lifespan.  You are not "stuck in your ways" unless you choose to be, and long-term therapy can help.

Mind / Body-Focused Therapy

Research continues to confirm the connections between our emotional/mental health and our physical health.  I can help you develop a daily practice of mindfulness, meditation, or meditative prayer that is good for the mind and body.

Couple Therapy

Safety, calm, centered, connected, enjoying, engaged.... not exactly words you would use to describe your relationship?  Maybe those words even feel uncomfortable to you?  That's okay.  There is still hope for your relationship!




I strive for my approach to therapy to be fresh and progressive.  Though I have been practicing therapy for many years, I continue to hone my techniques and style to fit the changing needs of our culture and in accordance with the latest research in neuroscience and therapeutic efficacy.  I use the Evidence-Based Practices of Internal Family Systems Therapy, mindfulness techniques, and the Prepare-Enrich Premarital and Marital Assessment. 

Years of reading formal research studies and conducting informal qualitative research in sessions has convinced me of the strong correlation between mind and body health.  I help my clients make connections between their presenting physiological symptoms (e.g. headaches, insomnia, fatigue, chronic pain, and gastrointestinal disturbance) and the underlying psychological issues (e.g. perfectionism, stress, anxiety, depression, unacknowledged grief, and harsh inner-critic).

By approaching my client’s internal world with curiosity, compassion and courage, I can help them:

  • access the unresolved issues underlying their present problems,

  • release harmful beliefs that have kept them stuck in the same patterns and emotional states, and

  • have a new experience of themselves which brings a sense of clarity and acceptance.


They neither have to apologize for their existence nor prove their worth.  Social researcher, Dr. Brene Brown, poignantly stated:  “Do not shrink.  Do not puff up.  Stand my sacred ground.”  I love helping my clients find their sacred ground.

I seek to balance deeper emotional work with practical, tangible interventions that can help reduce symptoms now, such as helping you develop self-compassion, learn to use mindfulness techniques, improve sleep quality, enjoy (rather than dread) exercise, optimize nutrition, and implement life-giving self-care activities

"Choosing to seek professional therapy was a big decision
for me—I’ve always relied on myself for emotional healing.
But after weeks of living at the same low point, I realized it’s okay
to ask for help and I feel lucky and grateful to have found Kate.
As a young woman, she understands the issues I face with
relationships, family, and a career."


  • Anxiety / panic attacks

  • Stress / burn out

  • Self-criticism

  • Perfectionism

  • Insomnia

  • Chronic Pain / Fatigue

  • Loneliness

  • Infertility


  • Distance and loneliness

  • Repetitive conflicts / arguments

  • Grief over life plans and dreams that have not materialized

  • Infertility and miscarriage

  • Staying together through the pressures of child-rearing

  • Lack of connection and intimacy

  • Sexual boredom / dissatisfaction


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